The two most frequently asked questions I get as a Surface Pattern Designer are of course, “How did you make that?” But also, “How on earth are you so productive?” 
During this class, I will take you through a step-by-step process of making one of my most popular patterns and use it as a way to let you in on some of the tricks of the trade to help you create a tight and stress-free workflow, letting your creativity and productivity soar.
Class overview:
We will create a simple geometric floral seamless repeat pattern design in Adobe Illustrator.
What you will learn:
Designing this pattern will help you learn several skills and tricks to use in pattern design that will help you tighten your workflow, grow your portfolio and have more time for the creative aspects of design because the tech stuff will already be complete.
Some skills you will pick up will include 
Custom workspaces
Maximizing the use of properties
Creating a drawing guide (an easy to tile scallop shape)
Working with symbols
Creating a reusable, editable pattern layout template
So you can
Tighten your workflow
Grow your portfolio
Focus on the creative side of design (because the tech stuff will be done)
This class is for:
Beginner pattern designers - start off on the right foot
Intermediate pattern designers - grow your portfolio with shareable, printable, sellable patterns
Advanced designers - tighten your workflow and add a quick process to your SPD toolkit
You will need
Adobe Illustrator - everything else is optional
I will demonstrate on Adobe Illustrator CC 2022 on a Mac
Course free download (optional) with shortcuts, color palettes, and a traceable template

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