You know how it takes just a minute to set up a new document, delete the default swatches, or open a panel to find the right tools?
Time spent on these repetitive tasks ADD UP.
Even just a minute per document can translate into hours, days or weeks when you think of the number of designs you intend to create.
That is precious time, and room for error that I’m sure you would rather avoid.
In this class, I will share 2 Adobe Illustrator secrets with you, so you can MAKE MORE ART.
This course is intended for an intermediate or advanced designer, but I'll make it accessible for those of you with less experience by narrating each click or selection and by sharing my own preferences as a surface pattern designer, in case you aren't sure how you would like to customize your experience yet.
I will be demonstrating on Adobe Illustrator 2023 on a Mac.
Please use the discussion board to find or provide support for other versions or operating systems.

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